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How Do NEW Customers Find Your Business?

Are you paying for online advertising via Pay-per-click (PPC), banner advertising or maybe email spam? Are new potential customers even finding your business website without your first making personal contact? Consider how profitable you could be if more prospective customers found your website near the top of search results for the keywords they used. How much of that keyword traffic is currently going to competing sites instead of yours? Being on that first page of the major search engines is key to business success on the web. Online searchers place considerably more faith in the "generic" results returned from their searches over any other online advertising methods according to numerous major online studies. Contact My NC SEO for more information.

Link Building Flow Process to Improve Rankings
Link Building Flow Process to Improve Rankings

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEO Promotion & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Each day there are millions of searches performed on the Internet, with many of them looking for exactly what you are selling. The process of getting your business website to the top of the search engines is known as search engine optimization or SEO. SEO has consistently proven to be one of the most cost effective forms of marketing available. is recognized as a leader in search engine optimization through SEO Promotion by vertical market leaders, professional firms, emerging Internet entities, and small businesses alike both in and out of the Wilmington, North Carolina area. Contact us for more information.

Internet Marketing Agency

Today's consumer is living a fast paced lifestyle with many options to access the Internet. From home and/or business computers, to cell phones and iPods, vast amounts of information is only a click away. If your business is to stand out in this morass of Internet details, you need an Internet Marketing Agency with the background and tools to put your business information in front of these potential buyers. My NC SEO is the Internet Marketing company with the perfect combination of experience and success to get you in front of today's Internet buyer using the online tools these people are already comfortable with and utilize daily. GoDaddy Pro Developer

Social Marketing

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace... these may seem like a foreign language or "toys" that "kids" play with each day. Instead, these are the meeting grounds where much of today's Internet business is being performed. If you are not making use of these for your online business marketing, you might just be left behind. Contact My NC SEO today to see what of these tools will work best for you making your business Internet presence a profit center instead of a financial drain!

Does Internet Business Seem Too Complicated?

Sometimes it becomes very frustrating trying to figure out all the terminology and get beyond the hype. Unless you spend a great deal of time on the Web, words like megabytes, bandwidth and hosting may seem like a foreign language. This is exactly why we turn to professionals with the proven experience and abilities to work for us so we may focus on what makes the business more successful. My NC SEO is a business in the Cape Fear Wilmington, North Carolina region with extremely experienced staff that have consistently achieved and maintained top 10 search engines results for clients on both Google and Yahoo for several years. Yes, there are other search engines that get attention as well and My NC SEO does well there also but, the focus is based on Return On Investment (ROI) and protecting your bottom line investment is our primary objective. Contact My NC SEO for more information or call (910) 338-9SEO [910-338-9736].