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What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is creating, or adjusting, a website with the key elements that search engines, (such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN, just to name a few), utilize to present your website above your competitors. When you are in a prime position, more traffic will be generated to your website.
As search engines recognize your website more favorably, you may enjoy hundreds, if not thousands, of buyers from them. More visitors mean more sales and more money in your pocket. You may also enjoy a higher Return on Investment (ROI) which will continue to pay off month after month.
Search Engine Optimization can help you:
* Increase your website traffic
* Dominate your competition
* Quickly increase your Return on Investment (ROI)
* Provide increased conversions (from leads to sales)
* Lower client acquisition costs
* Broaden your market share
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The fact is, research has shown that at least 65% of website traffic comes from search engines alone. This figure should give you some indication of the importance that SEO and SEO promotion have on online businesses.