Why have just a business website when you NEED an ONLINE PRESENCE?

Quite often business owners ask me about building them a website. Most have seen how “cheap” it is to use companies like Wix or 1 & 1 where they can build themselves a site quickly.

Then the realization starts to come when they try to get recognized on Google and other search engines. It hits even harder when they try to coordinate the new website with social media including Facebook, Twitter and others.

The approach above is somewhat like buying a car a piece at a time!

In today’s business world, it takes more than placing your “business card” online to get the quantity of customers you desire. Yes, having a business website CAN BE GOOD for the business BUT, it needs considerably more!

For many service businesses, I often recommend using WordPress on hosting suitable for the business needs of that specific company.

The reasons for this are rather straightforward:

  • Easy to update both the “core” of WordPress as well as many plugins by the business employees without a qualified webmaster.
  • Easy to learn to create/edit new posts and pages of the website also reducing the need to keep a quality webmaster on staff and/or retainer.
  • Able to connect with the business social media accounts like: Facebook Pages, Google+ Pages, Twitter, Flickr, etc. so that new entries on the website can be published as excerpts on each of those accounts!
    *Enter 1x and use multiple times!!!
  • Able to connect with Google Analytics to have active reporting directly within the WordPress admin dashboard!

There are MANY more great reasons but, this gives you some idea of the comprehensive approach offered versus having “just a website”.

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