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Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager Software Review

Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager Software Review

Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager Software Review

Often I am asked how business website owners may improve the search engine rankings, number of visitors and number of page views to generate more online sales. Of course, hiring a true professional Search Engine Optimizer (“SEO”) who has the proven experience and the right tools for the job is my first answer. For those who cannot afford to hire a professional SEO, or prefer to do it themselves, I now recommend your checking into Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager software applications by Caphyon Ltd.
Advanced Web RankingFirst, let me introduce you to Advanced Web Ranking which provides the business owner (SEOs and/or Business Website Owner) a management console with all the power to manually OR automatically process reports while having the extensibility to share the work effort with others within your company in a secure data setting. In addition, having the option to track unlimited numbers of keywords, websites and your preferred search engines without paying more is a special feature you do not often find in our so called SEO applications.
Also, the customization features built into this software suite enables Search Engine Optimization and Web Marketing firms to “white label” reports for customers so they never need to know the application that created it!

Advanced Web Ranking – Features:

Top Advantages for SEO Agencies

  • All in One SEO Solution – Streamline your workflow combining rank tracking, analytics, link building and social media tools under one roof.
  • Shared database – Co-workers can share projects and manage all customers in a centralized database.
  • Multiple user profiles – Manage authentication, permissions and custom profiles for each user.
  • Secure Data – Total privacy of your customers’ data with a locally stored database.
  • Customized Google Location – Gather location based rankings for customers in different countries or cities.
  • Independent update frequency – Schedule automatic updates at your own pace and generate new reports on the spot.
  • Unlimited keywords – No additional costs for tracking more keywords, websites and search engines.
  • Export rank data to in-house tools – Use rankings gathered with Advanced Web Ranking in third party solutions.
  • Fast updates – Speed up the rank data gathering process for large projects by assigning multiple proxy servers per project.
  • White labeled reports – Build a stronger confidence in your brand with personalized SEO reports.
  • Report Sharing – Upload browsable SEO reports directly on your website and provide your customers with an interactive experience.

Top Advantages for Website Owners

  • Website Auditor – Quickly analyze hundreds of web pages and get advice to increase performance in the SERPs.
  • Keyword Difficulty – See how hard it is for a webpage to rank for a certain keyword on the search engine you target.
  • Interactive Charts – View combined analytics, links and ranking data in a comprehensive set of interactive reports.
  • Competitors monitoring – Analyze your competitors’ websites and compare their rankings, links and social shares to yours.
  • Keyword suggestions – Find new keyword ideas and import them automatically to your project.
  • Search Engine Friendly – Query the search engines automatically without getting your IP banned.
  • Multiple languages – Application menus and report columns are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish.
  • Local search engines – Track rankings for your local business using Google, Yahoo and Bing local search.
  • Special characters in keywords – Track rankings for keywords in Hebrew, Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages.
  • 2000 links free – Get 2000 free links from the SEOmoz’s Linkscape database.
  • Automatic updates – Update search engine results automatically with easy to use scheduled tasks.

Get Advanced Web Ranking by Caphyon Ltd. today and be better prepared to compete online!
Advanced Link ManagerSecond, if you have learned that it takes more than modifying Meta tags on your web pages to achieve higher rankings within the major search engines, it is time you take a serious look at Advance Link Manager!
The process of determining the right keywords and keyword phrases for your business needs is extremely important. Once you have chosen the right keyword phrases, based on your business type and competition levels, then you must develop and plan and put it into action. Advance Link Manager give your the competitive advantage to monitor your competition, see where you stand and improve your standing by adding more Inbound Links (“IBLs”) pointing to your online business from the right places to make a difference.

Advanced Link Manager

Advanced Link Manager can help you better manage your link building campaigns instead of struggling to improve link popularity on your own.

  • Website Optimization for targeted keywords – Optimizing your website for the keywords you are targeting is a critical step of your search engine optimization campaign.
  • Advanced link building management – Advanced Link Manager helps you keep track of incoming links for your website and for your competitors websites at the same time.
  • Automated reports, backups and updates – A reliable Advanced Web Ranking software tool used by the best SEO consultants in the world needs to make link building and management a breeze.
  • Add a professional touch to your reports – Create stunning reports to be automatically send straight to your customers inbox using Advanced Link Manager.
  • Data privacy, enhanced security and reliability – Advanced Link Manager stores all the data gathered from search engines on your local computer or server.
  • Comprehensive competitive analysis tools – Keeping tabs on your competition can make a big difference for your marketing efforts and search engine optimization.

Get Advanced Link Manager by Caphyon Ltd. today and improve your online link building efforts and outpace your competition online!
The choice is YOURS! You can scratch and claw by manually searching and tracking inbound links and rankings of your site and that of your competition OR you can use these top notch software applications to do much of the work for you… while you run the business that pays your paycheck!

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