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Social Marketing Overtaking Search Engine Optimization?

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Social Marketing Overtaking Search Engine Optimization?

According to the latest Google Trends Reportâ„¢ comparing search engine optimization vs. social marketing vs. pagerank, there is a significant shift in the volume of searches where “social marketing” is catching up with “search engine optimization” and outpacing “pagerank”. Looking over the report, it is obvious that interest in search engine optimization is being shifted to other areas like social marketing and there is much less interest in pagerank by the general public.

As a professional search engine optimization firm, My NC SEO keeps an eye out for such trends and how they impact businesses online. Notably, the social media have taken a major leap forward recently and seem to be destined for an even greater piece of the pie when it comes to online users viewing content and causing the rankings of business sites to rise towards the top.

Just a few years ago, most people knew very little about Digg, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Early adoption along with the ease of use have made these social bookmarking and social media sites very attractive for the average person online as well as businesses wanting to get their share. Looking over such exceptional sites like (ex: Michael D. Hudson on LinkedIn, it is easy to see how potential customers and potential hiring managers can look over a person’s work history to better determine qualifications and interest. The usage of recommendations online at LinkedIn can show outright that a given person has performed duties at specific places and that others openly state the result of that work.

There are many more quality social marketing sites gaining popularity and notoriety. If you haven’t already started using them, your business may be suffering while your competition is enjoying the limelight.

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