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Social Marketing for Business Advantage

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Social Marketing for Business Advantage

Social Marketing

Social Marketing has become the buzzword on the Internet as more and more people find the social bookmarking and social media websites valuable sources for their needs. But, how do you turn that into an advantage for your business?


If you are already bloggin online, then My NC SEO can assist to get your message out directly from your blog to the Social Media sites. If you don’t already have Social Marketing accounts on the Social Media sites, we can take care of that for you including professional setup and implementation to get you started on the right foot.

Social Media Integration

My NC SEO integrates eCommerce and Content Management Systems (ex: WordPress) to work with your Social Media and Social Marketing sites improving automated tasks and making for a consistent message for your followers. We also offer a “hands on” option for those wanting to take their Social Marketing to a whole new level reaching clients in a much more personal manner while still freeing up your time to take care of your business.

Social sites utilized by the North Carolina SEO:

  • Digg
  • Facebook
  • Fark
  • Myspace
  • Reddit
  • Stumbleupon
  • Technorati
  • Twitter
  • and MANY more!!!

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My NC SEO utilizes the web’s best social websites to get the word out while drawing attention to your business website’s services and products offered. We help gain “eye balls” to make online users aware you exist and why it is important from the user’s perspective to buy from you instead of your competition.

Social marketing is not for the weak hearted nor those wanting quick fixes for their marketing woes. Online users are often savvy to the “tricks” and imitators online. They are looking to become familiar with who they are buying from and what makes that company better than other “fly by night” businesses.

If you are looking to build long term, lasting relationships with online clients, social marketing may be just the ticket for you.

Contact My NC SEO today to learn how we can assist getting your business found in today’s fast-paged social world on the Internet.

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